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Evaluation of the Small Aegean Islands (SAI) aid scheme

European Commission has commissioned an evaluation of the Small Aegean Islands (SAI) aid scheme during the previous programming period 2014-2020. We invite all farmers to take part in a short anonymous questionnaire that will enable the survey to collect data to be analysed in order to evaluate this scheme. The few questions in the survey concern the specific supply arrangements (SSA) and support for local production (SLP), the administrative costs associated with these aids and their relevance to the challenges of environmental and digital transition. Your participation in this survey would be very useful for improving European Union policies, particularly as regards the possible future implementation of SAI.  The link to the questionnaire:

The evaluation is performed by Agrosynergie and Agrenaos has been contracted as the national expert for Greece.

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AGRENAOS is an approved provider of farm advisory services

AGRENAOS was approved by the Greek Managing Authorities for providing farm advisory services in the region of Peloponnese, as one of the 8 approved advisory companies in that region, under the measure 2 of the RDP 2014-22. After the official recognition of our company, informative workshops will be organised for farmers, setting the scene for providing a wide range of supporting services for farmers and agricultural cooperatives including how to implement the eco-schemes and supporting transition to integrated or organic production.

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Proposal approved in Horizon Europe

The project SHIELD4GRAPE (S4G), under the Biodiversity call in Cluster 6 of Horizon Europe was recently approved, receiving the maximum score! The project will adopt sustainable agroecological approaches addressed to improve the resilience of the viticultural system against pest diseases in a context of climate change. The S4G consortium brings together the best excellences in the sector; it is multi- and interdisciplinary, collaborative and well representative of different EU bio-geographical regions.

Our company will lead the WP focusing on supporting and training farmers and advisors to adopt tolerant grapevine genotypes and IPM practices and will disseminate the innovations developed by the project in the farming sector.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Farmers workshop on setting up producer groups in the olive oil sector

Agrenaos, in cooperation with Centre for Agri-food Entreprenership in Messinia, is co-organising a workshop focusing on farmers’ benefits from participating in producer groups in the olive oil sector. The meeting will take place on the 5th of July at 18.30, in Diavolitsi village.

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Review of current IPM practices regarding Tuta absoluta

The Operational Group responsible for implementing the project Μ16ΣΥΝ-00074 “Integrated management of Tuta absoluta in greenhouse tomato” (ZERO TUTA) is inviting you to fill in the following questionnaire. Its objective is to review the current agronomic practices for monitoring and control of Tuta absoluta, the current phytosanitary state as well as the know-how and expertise regarding plant protection methods in greenhouse tomato.

You may find the questionnaire HERE

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Participating in 2023 Horizon calls

Agrenaos participated this year in multiple Horizon 2023 calls, in Cluster 6, as partner in consortia targeting integrated pest management in the following destinations:

a) Biodiversity and ecosystem services

β) Fair, healthy and environment-friendy food systems

γ) Innovative governance, environmental observations and digital solutions in support of the Green Deal

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Training for farmers in Lesvos

Training sessions for olive oil farmers in Lesvos were organised as part of their operational program, funded by EU and dedidated to producer organisations. The sessions focused on issues related to autumn plant protection, pruning, grafting and harvesting under the guidance of Michalis Papailiakis, field agronomist at the Mediterranean University.

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