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Innovative agricultural and environmental services


AGRENAOS was founded in 2021, by two agronomists, sharing many years of experience in the agricultural sector, working with dissemination activities for farmers, management of operational programmes, use of financial tools for rural development and development of eco-friendly interventions in agricultural production. The partners of our company have both worked in public and private companies for the last 15 years, gaining valuable know-how in the organization of agricultural groups and in the development of innovative agri-environmental services, which they will use in their new venture.

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We believe in sustainable development


The philosophy of Agrenaos is that through coordinated collective efforts that, a) make the best use of the available financial means provided by EU and b) implement actions that respect the environment and promote agricultural production, sustainable productive growth can be achieved with benefits for both the economy, the society and the environment.

In this context, our logo, the ancient Greek spiral, that symbolizes the eternal cycle of development, “adorned” with the leaves of agricultural production is an integral part of our philosophy.



Μια πρόβλεψη για τις επόμενες δράσεις του Προγράμματος Αγροτικής Ανάπτυξης


Η μεταβατική περίοδος 2021-2022 πριν τη νέα Κοινή Αγροτική Πολιτική


Μήπως υπάρχει πρόβλημα με τις Ομάδες Παραγωγών στην Ελλάδα;


Some of our partnerships include:

  • The Laboratory of Vegetable Production of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)
  • The Laboratory of Pesticide Science of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)
  • Institute for Cooperative Studies
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