Panagiotis Nasis

Panagiotis Nasis is an agronomist, graduate from the Agricultural University of Athens, with a postgraduate degree in Food Science and Technology from the same university. He has attended various seminars and conferences such as seminars on New Technologies, Total Quality and Control in Food Packaging and has trained supervising agronomists within the national standards for integrated production (Agro 2.1-2.2).

He has managed a number of projects, mainly contributing to the preparation, management and implementation of operational European programs in the field of olive oil and table olives, for producer organizations. He has also developed and implemented quality and food safety systems according to the EN ISO 22000 and EN ISO 9001 standards in olive mills, olive oil and table olive processing industries as well as egg production units, while at the same time established and prepared traceability systems according to the EN ISO 22005 standard.

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