European projects

AGRENAOS has extensive experience from participation in European programs that promote innovative actions in the agricultural sector. We are actively involved every year in the Horizon calls under the thematic field of agri-food (Cluster 6), in the mediterranean Prima programme, as well as in projects for the environment (Life) and education (Erasmus). The aim is to demonstrate and transfer best practices in the Greek farming sector and disseminate their results among agricultural collective schemes and farmers’ advisors.

Programmes we currently participate in:

  • SHIELD4GRAPE (S4G)Breeding and integrated pest management to reduce chemical pesticides in grapevine.

AGRENAOS, as work package leader, will organise the demonstration of the project results in commercial vineyards, facilitate knowledge transfer to growers and create training material for agricultural advisors.

See more on the project website and follow the project’s LinkedIn account

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